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Tacoma Concrete Drilled Piers

Tacoma concrete drilled piers

A concrete pier is a substructure element suitable for many types of structures but most commonly used for timber frame post and beam buildings. A concrete pier typically consists of a round or square concrete pillar supported at the bottom by a footer piece which serves to spread the load carried by the pier.

The pier is placed or cast with the footer below the frost line and its top end above the ground surface. The top of the concrete pier is typically equipped with a frame or bracket to which the structures upright beams are attached. Pier substructures are affordable and effective for most soil types in and around the Tacoma area.

Standard concrete perimeter substructures are as solid as a rock but expensive and time consuming to construct. The concrete pier substructure is a low cost, efficient alternative to the perimeter substructure and particularly well suited to timber frame cabins and smaller buildings constructed in areas with good soil formations. In fact, the pier substructure may be successfully used for structures ranging from a simple deck or garden shed to huge highway bridges. Concrete piers are not only cheap and effective but generally simple to construct and easy to successfully install.  Concrete pier substructures generally last as long and are as strong as conventional substructures.

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