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A small slab substructure is a layer of concrete, generally poured out over a prepared surface of soil or gravel, upon which a generator or machine sits. More appropriate to climates where ground freezing and thawing, and the associated soil movement, are not of particular concern, slabs are nevertheless anchored into the ground securely to prevent structural damage from environmental causes such as severe weather or shifting of the soil.

Beside providing a stable, flat, and level surface for a generator or machine, a slab's purpose is to comfortably hold much of the weight that's placed upon it. For example, many generators and machines are heavy and without a slab of some sort to rest upon, they would not only sink into the soil to some extent, but would also respond to the soil's every movement. This is one reason that the soil underneath small slabs must be prepared before the concrete is poured. For example, the soil will usually be leveled and overlaid with gravel and moisture barriers. The thickness of the substructure is calculated based upon a number of factors, including the anticipated load the slab will bear.

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